Economics, Diplomacy and Integrity 2024

Tuk Vojni, Croatia

15thAUGUST - 23th AUGUST 2024

The EDI forum in Croatia is designed to support the development of leaders with integrity from Croatia and the surrounding countries in the areas of economics, business, diplomacy and politics


through servant leadership, inspiring, encouraging, mentoring, teaching


equipping, team building, entrepreneurship, politics, planning


your dreams, your passions, your calling


with each other, your community, society, and public policy


Tuk Vojni, Croatia

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We have limited number of scholarships that cover accomodation costs and reduce conference fee form €750 to €200. Register now to get your scholarship!

Participants: 30 young professionals from the business world, the political sector and the field of social work. Register now to save your spot!

Important Notice: We are unable to provide travel assistance.  

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  • “Great speakers, with valuable lessons. Amazing moments, filled with blessings and thoughts. I found here the motivation to go on, to bring a change in me and in society.”

    - From the EDI Evaluation Form

  • "A place to believe, create, love. A place to smile at every sunshine and to fill ourselves with hope and wonders. A place where friendship is a "must have"...!"

    - Georgiana Bighescu from Romania

  • “This experience was amazing, I learned about leadership, about personality, politics, and friendship.”

    - From the EDI Evaluation Form

  • "Thank you a lot for your friendships, trust in us. Thank you that you encouraged me with good teachers. . .We as a family had a very good time together and to be involved in the team to help! Hope for next year to be here!"

    – Natasa Orescanin from Serbia

  •  “EDI is a reunion of warm people - this is why this forum is so special. I was blessed to be a part of this experience, all of the participants and team members helped me to gain confidence in myself.  High professionalism and friendly environment.”

    – From the EDI Evaluation Form

  •  “Before I came here, I was upset, but I have met now friends.
    I have a new vision for my life and integrity.” 

    – From the EDI Evaluation Form

Please note that there may be others present who hold very different opinions from yours on a number of important issues.  We require that all who participate in EDI in whatever capacity treat one another with respect at all 

EDI is sponsored by the ECPM, Vacaville Rotary, Lake Forest Rotary, Zagreb Metropolitan Rotary and other private donors.